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Wikisposure Day

We have been very impressed with some of the work done on Wikisposure in the past but they've truly outdone themselves this time. They've taken the Alice Day occasion to expose some very depraved pedophiles. No longer will this be known as Alice Day. From now on, it will be known as Wikisposure Day!

Please preview the new additions below and click the links to read the full Wikis.

FortyOne aka Steven Blair Nichols of Pennsylvania

Around that time i started amassing a huge collection of illegal porn, which i deleted completey the day before i turned 18 - just to be that much more carefull..
I dont share your "ewwwww" feelings about my parents knowing.. Of course im big on incest

Elminster Trueheart aka Keith Cronin of Pennsylvania

There was a girl who was three years old, and she loved me with all of her heart. I couldn't help but love her back. She loved cuddling, kissing and snuggling. I can't count the times I lost myself in her love and we would kiss passionately. I loved her so much it hurt. I never knew what that meant before then, but I do now.

onemilligram aka James Warren Gray of Ohio currently in Egypt

My desire for lg's has been as strong as super glue since I was like 5 or something, sometimes it goes away and I can actually look at a lg for a short period of time and just admire her beauty without the nearly unbearable desire to do something unhealthy. I love my wife more than anything and I love being intimate with her but the thirst, this godamned hunger is never satisfied and that demon inside me wants me to say FUCK IT and do something crazy.

captainzen aka Alexander Baldal of the Netherlands

Now over 60, been comforted by a 12 year old, so heavenly, so divine that I never regret that she was gone, happy instead that I had her love for a awhile. Dont cry over spilled milk.

Demosthenes aka Jacob Detring of Tennessee

That's why I'm staying with..
...the 10 and under crowd for my own in-home modelling shots, they haven't been indoctrinated in "decent, virtuous, and moral" like a 14 year old tends to be. ^_~

Poisontears aka Alia Loren Jacobson of New York

all of my fantasies...
...are violent, and include rape, torture, killing, etc. And in all of my fantasies i am male (well, i guess that facillitates the rape thing.) Oddly enough, in some of my fantasies (in which i am not actually involved) there are two children, one raping and mutilating the other.

Cephaloped aka Daniel Woodward Heath of Ohio

...I was convicted of "illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material or performance." I did time, was on parole for a while, and have to register as a sex offender....
...they sometimes lump various things together as they did in the law I was convicted under....
D aka David Weiss Richardson of Texas

Let's assume bondage and sodomy consists of lightly tying the child down, possibly drugging him a little so he doesn't struggle, and inserting thin objects (say, a pen or something thinner) into his anus.
While I cannot endorse restraining an infant or inserting objects into his anus without a valid reason (e.g. protect child from harm or take a temperature if he has a fever), it's not "the worst possible scenario" when it comes to child abuse
dragonwhip aka Michael Davidson Baskett of Virginia

If sex could enter into it without any threat of prison, i.e. if whe world were more relaxed about love and sexuality, then I would love to make sweet love to a young girl, tickling her and making her laugh, feeling her warm, soft skin against mine, but all I can do is dream. Sucks, doesn't it?
Fachy aka Ahmad Ali of Maryland

Where I live there are alot of street kids, you find them outside mosques begging or cleaning cars' windows at stop light and so on... my idea basically is to be nice to one of those once, and increase it gradually to achieve some.. ahem... desirable outcomes. Let's examine this in details assuming the GEORGOUS girl I just saw today outside the mosque... she was about 6-7, had the cutest face ever with a veil covering hair, and was selling tissues I think
Greenfly aka Aubrey Eugene Davis of Florida

if you were on death row and instead to a last meal, or got a last sexual explicit act that you could perform on anyone you like at any age. Who would you pick, how old and what would the act be? You can have only one pick, but perform more than one act.
I would go with my 13 yr old 1st cousin once removed, which i still believe is my 2nd cousin, but that's for another post, I would first perform oral sex on her and finish with a traditional Missionary style, me on top.

soulfulsongbird aka Sarah Louise Arney of Texas

I can tell I am in the right place ,I love little girls ,no kiding,they love me back ,the little they are the more they love me .I teach six & seven year olds at church I am in haven when I am with my class ,I am in hell when not with them.I love to see games at school VB ...,i LOVE to see play's at church & school,do we see A trind here If there are little girls somplace look around I am there

Sibelius aka Peter-Gene Budarick of South Australia

Loving children is the ONLY thing that makes this animal, homo sapiens, a human being, and we would want to kill that?! by finding a cure?!

Tamachan aka Bryan McMullon of Canada

When I was fired from my daycare job, I was taken away from someone very special to me. It nearly devastated me, but it crushed her, and there was nothing I could do about it.

toby/tobs aka Thomas Toby Rutan of Florida

my AoA is 6-12 years old

Skull Dander aka Clinton Robert Lambobard of Texas

I would have to say --in all honesty-- that it doesn't matter how young or old the little cutie is, so long as we don't get caught.

Happy Wikisposure Day to all!!!

Alice has once again been rescued from the forces of evil. Thank you Wikisposure!

Save Alice

April the 25th is Alice Day, originally known as "Pedophile Pride Day" the day was devised by pedophile activists during the 1990's to celebrate their desire to molest children.

Here's what some pedophiles from GirlChat were planning to do:


I will be wearing my GLogo t-shirt with my GLogo pendent for all to see!!!. I guess I will be doing what I do everyday, just hangout with friends and maybe if it's nice out, skateboard a bit etc. I don't have a LGF so I won't be spending anytime with little girls or boys but I will go to the park and LG watch. I also try to do a bit of CL activism on Alice Day or any day for that matter, in the sense that every time I see an opportunity I drop off a few pamphlets, flyers and cards that I always carry around in my backpack.

I will be spending the day at a local market filled with beautiful LG's. Kinda boring, but I will at least be wearing a pink t-shirt. I doubt anyone will catch on, but you never know ;-)
Sancho Panza
Weather for Saturday seems promising, we will to go to our local zoo and eat ice cream :-)
I think the t-shirt thing is just to wear any kind of a pink shirt on Alice Day. That way if any asks if you're a pedo, you can claim you have no idea what they're talking about...and how dare they insinuate such a thing! lol.
I don't ever wear pink so it will def be a stretch but I'm sure I can pull it off!
I have worm pink on Alice Day for several years now!
Aladdin Truelove
PS: I am the one who suggested the name "Alice Day," way back on Ianthe's email list, in 1998. Feels good to be back in the land of the living!
The Anti's have started a tradition of their own - each year celebrating the Alice Day as an opportunity to raise a bit of awareness... of their own...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jason Masters

"So, you want to know more about me?"

So begins the story of Jason Masters

Jason who spent his childhood wanting to kill himself because he had no one to tie him up and have sex with him. Now as an adult he feels traumatized because of it.

Poor Jason Masters

How very, very sad Jason, that society won't allow you to tie up their children.

Let's look at some of your quirks. Along with your notorious signatures.

"As you might expect, "Jason Masters" is just a nickname. Don't ask for my real name because you won't get it. I use a nickname mainly for security because I don't want everyone who knows me in real life to know that I enjoy tying-up games.

I became interested in tying-up games when I was still very young. Probably while I was still a preschooler.

I was a terribly sensitive boy, totally unable to take teasing and since I had been taught to stay away from bad people, the end effect of these two factors was that I literally had no friends as a child. I can remember thinking one day (when I guess I was around 9 years old), that I had never had a birthday party with friends invited over and I had never been invited to a party. I can remember dismally thinking that there was nobody I would feel comfortable inviting to a birthday party and nobody who I could ever imagine wanting to invite me.

I guess it was around then that I first began to contemplate suicide.

Between having no friends and hating myself because I could not control my sexual thoughts (or actions), I am still not sure why I never killed myself.

I never had any friends who I felt I could trust to tie me up as part of a game. All I had was self-bondage games, and these were extremely frustrating because I could not tie myself up all the way. I don't mean that it was physically impossible. I knew that it was possible (albeit difficult) to tie myself up properly, so that I really could not escape. What I mean is that I could never let myself go that far. Since I would have been mortified if I had been caught tying myself up (partly because I would usually strip naked first), I could never tie myself up properly.

Because I had no friends and never experienced a real tie-up game, I consider my childhood was forever lost to me and can never be recovered. There is something innocent about childhood tie-up games, even when combined with sexual games, which can never (in my opinion) be captured in a tie-up game between adults. This opportunity forever lost is a source of never-ending painful regret to me now.

I hope that one day, good sense will prevail and all useless, discriminatory laws will be consigned to the scrapyard of History. I pray for the day when children can once again be children and play the exciting games that their ancestors played, without hysterical adults screaming "abuse" at the slightest hint of sexuality in the children's play."

Jason (who has probably confused the heck out of the non-techies here) :-)

Jason (saying "I told you so") :-)

Jason (not impressed with the Ay-merry-can law)

Jason (visiting from BoyChat)

Jason (the childlover who visits from BoyChat)

Jason (only slightly tongue-in-cheek)

Jason (feeling incredibly sad - but still dry-eyed [sigh]) :-(

Jason (the ever-helpful)

Jason (the Christian childlover)

Jason (still not convinced)

Jason (who has saved the treasurer's email address)

Jason (still with doubts)

Jason (ChildLover extraordinare) :-)

Jason (gonna have to search again to try to rediscover the link)

Jason (returning from search-engining) :-)

Jason (who thinks the Thought Police and their minions deserve something worse than a slow and painful death)

Jason (who discovered the IP address & bookmarked it)

Jason (the ever-helpful visitor from BoyChat)

Jason (the Dr Who fan visiting from BoyChat) (heck, I should register my nick)

Jason (starting to become a regular)

Jason (feeling a little stepped-on now)

Jason (who has heard that one before)

Jason (wondering if he should try to think of a puzzle to post)

Jason (gonna register my nick as soon as I know who to contact)

Jason (Still working on getting a registered nick)

Jason (finally sorted out my nick registration with Puzzled The Patient)

Jason (the childlover)

Jason (aka Christopher Robin - at least for this post) :-)

Jason (taking this opportunity to say thanks to Puzzled for the registration & sigpic work)

Jason (treating 41 & the GC crew to another dose of my sigpic #1)

Jason (who can't go from Goofy to Super Goof without his Super Goober) :'-(

Jason (posting a totally pointless but hopefully entertaining post)

Jason (feeling a little sad but will probably get over it)

Jason (wondering if the dork's IQ is larger than his shoe size)

Jason (should keep his big mouth shut) :-J

Jason (the perv)

Jason (still paranoid)

Jason (posting on Minstrel's behalf)

Jason (begging bowl in hands)

Jason (still rather depressed)

Jason (still very upset) (Abraxas, mail is on its way)

Jason (depressed)

Jason (just trying to help)

Jason (still trying to be helpful)

Jason (resurrected a pooter with the above trick once)

Jason (who knows he's a perv, so don't bother telling me so)

Jason (still doesn't know the reason why, but intends to enjoy his perving anyway)

Jason (been on both sides of the fence and both sides have cowpats in abundance)

Jason (becoming a little bolder in his childlove as old age approaches)

Jason (thanking Luka for the reply)

Jason (trying to be helpful)

Jason (with imagination working overtime...) ;-)

Jason (who will take one hamburger, without minions) :-J

Jason (who really does like it and thanks the horse in sheep's clothing very much for sharing it) :-)

Jason (remembers when he was twelve - and younger) :-J

Jason (delving into his "evidence" bookmark folder)

Jason (desirous of drastic action to negate such idiocy - preferably by liberal use of a 12-gauge) :-P

Jason (nearly had a heart attack when he saw that at [I guess] age 12)

Jason (forgot to put smileys into his previous post)

Jason (glad the tightrope guy hasn't fallen off it after all)

Jason (can't cry outside, but can cry inside)

Jason (disgusted with society in general)

Jason (who wishes he had patented that idea) :-J

Jason (hates ICQ and then some)

Jason (thinks Infinity's case should be thrown out of court and the charging officers reprimanded for wasting the court's time by bringing cases without any merit)

Jason (posting another $0.02 worth)

Jason (also known as C3P0 The Protocol Droid) :-)

Jason (really hoping that good sense prevails for once)

Jason (who sees no conflict between his childlove and his belief in God)

Jason (hoping no one is mad at me now)

Jason (having his final say, since probably the only way this will end is for one of us to just stop) :-J

Jason (who does recognise that some people think Christian Logician is a contradiction in terms) :-)

Jason (hoping we see a bit more of "jim")

Jason (who loves cats but is not over-sentimental about them)

Jason (childlover & incurable pervert) :-/

Jason (to whom bed looks very good right now... zzzzzzzzz)

Jason (going to have a look and then decide if it should be done over from the start)

Jason (was trying to do it the lazy way)

Jason (wishes he could have bathed the baby) :-J

Jason (digging into his "evidence" bookmark folder once again) :-)

Jason (has a bookmark folder named "Evidence") :-)

Jason (sees change in the winds but doesn't dare hope for its completion in his lifetime)

Jason (tends to agree with Minstrel's opinion of the garden pest)

Jason (who knows exactly how big a perv he really is) :-/

Jason (trying to balance information with security)

Jason (felt a horrible sense of pain when he realised he'd never be able to legally buy or own beautiful pictures of beautiful nude children)

Jason (wondering why Abraxas didn't email me anyway)

Jason (finding that he's written a lot more than he intended to) :-J

Jason (also becoming more than a bit worried about Minstrel)

Jason (who loves little girls, in case anyone wondered) :-)

Jason (a lifeline chat volunteer counsellor)

Jason (monitoring an empty chat at the moment)

Jason (wondering what went wrong)

Jason (ending his rant for now)

Jason (who is a Christian and just loves that joke anyway) :-)

Jason (wondering how much longer before they bring back the rack, or its modern equivalent)

Jason (the only one keeping the chat open as he types)

Jason (wondering why people get so worked up over differences of opinion)

Jason (throwing out some more useless [but hopefully interesting] trivia)

Jason (the pervert who has given up on being anything else)

Jason (sick of the flame wars) :-P

Jason (in a very cynical mood)

Jason (not impressed, but thinking it's at least one very tiny step toward sanity)

Jason (wishes he could remember how to cry)

Jason (will have to go looking through closets now)

Jason (trying to be helpful)

Jason (acting as a corrective) :-J

Jason (hoping to be encouraging)

Jason (who may be contacted at

Jason (just being a messenger)

Jason (extremely sceptical. but amused)

Jason (wondering if someone is pretending to be his twin)

Jason (not sure if he's pessemistic or philosophical)

Jason (uses fastmail and finds it quite satisfactory)

Jason (wouldn't be without BestCrypt for quids!)

Jason (knows a thing or two about the Bible)

Jason (who does not mean to imply that an orgy is per se dangerous)

Jason (who is wondering where his copies of "Prince Caspian", "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" and "The Silver Chair" have vanished to, since they weren't with the rest of the books - grr)

Jason (can't believe how stupid most people seem to be nowadays)

Jason (spent many years studying himself and knows himself well)

Jason (trying to be realistic but coming across as cynical)

Kamikaze Jan

Jan Kruska says
"hate doesn’t solve anything, neither does revenge. Hate and vengeance is for the simple minded and it is a cop out. It is taking the easy way out. It is also the fast track to the inevitable next future disaster"
So what's so wrong about that statement? Jan only applies it to people who have sexually offended against others. That's what.
Jan believes:
"While sexual abuse is despicable there are indeed things that are much worse in life"
"those on the sex offender registry have suffered great losses.......the right to live where you want and feel safe in your person and in your home"
"The scarlett [sic] letter is real and is about to be placed squarely on the foreheads of those responsible for this American travesty that is the sex offender registry"
Jan also believes that children don't report when they are abused for fear that their abuser will be removed from the home.

It reminded me so much of someone else. The wacked out mother who showed up on GirlChat recently explaining that her boyfriend got together with her because he was a pedophile and wanted her daughter. He had done it to another woman and her daughter before her. And now after molesting the 10 year old, Frianne is trying to figure out how to hold on to him when he gets out of jail. OMG They all seem to be the same! Look at this grandma, she's upset that her son is in jail. she admits that he did it but says "it was a psychological error on his part" She goes on to say that
"I know he is sorry and will never do it again....He should not have to pay so dearly, he did'nt kill ...and it was the result of the two girls(his) constantly sexually active since 11, and flaunting it in his face, when his wife did'nt like sex, he was in need"
She just fit right into that den at SOSEN didn't she? Even Shirley Lowery agrees as a matter of fact
"I grew up in an abusive home and I kept my mouth shut. Now that I am older and wiser I know without a doubt that I did the right thing then and would do the same again. Virtue has little meaning to a child who likes a roof over their head and food to put in their belly"
But then what can you expect, as she also said:

Poor Pathetic Ignorant Americans

John Walsh has single-handedly destroyed more US children than any other individual in history

Americans can be incredibly stupid.

The Miami police department has set the stage. No action was required but their reaction equaled that of a national crisis. The public has a right to know

John Walsh is not the only person to lose a child under tragic circumstances. He has been in a rage for a quarter of a century. Now we are being asked to pick up an astronomical tab to immortalize his son. I wouldn't give a dime. I learned what manure is a long time ago so I walk around it rather than stepping in it.

Each of us has the capability of being an abuser and many thousands of you are active abusers. How dare you sit back and point your finger and judge yourself as being a better person. You aren’t.

Home of the brave? No, a nation of whimps whose answer to everything is placing the blame elsewhere.

All that talk about blaming and finger pointing led me back a ways. I thought about Jan's religious intolerance. And I thought about her dishonesty and her belief that parents of murdered children are the ones who should be blamed rather than the person who commits the act.
"The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles....."

Sex offenders aren’t born sex offenders. They are created. They are a bi-product of society and the sooner we ALL start taking responsibility the better chance we all have of protecting our kids and having, NO MORE VICTIMS
I believe that these people, the Shirley Lowery’s and Jan Kruska’s and Tom Madison’s don’t know what responsibility is. Tom as CEO of SoClear believes it’s appropriate behavior for a representative of his organization in response to commentary about them to attack random uninvolved people by libeling them and accusing them of things which they did not do. He even goes so far as to demean the serious topic of child sexual abuse by calling Jan’s actions a game of "sticks ‘n stones”.

The mainstream perception that these people are indifferent and insensitive to the very real abuse that children have suffered is born out by their own actions and I believe there could hardly be a more blatant example of their remarkable unwillingness to take responsibility for their own actions. We have dubbed this ‘blame gaming’ but a more proper term would be sociopathic.

And yet, we aren't the only ones bickering with these guys. We aren't the only ones who think these people are wack jobs. Take the case of Erika

p3rl_script wrote to David Coffman, owner of SOSEN about her concerns regarding CEO Shirley Lowery.

"I have decided to withdraw my membership from SOSEN as a result of Shirley's destructive messages and psychotic leadership skills.

She is hurting people and she will drag you and others down with her if allowed to continue, she is severely unstable mentally and has no understanding just how damaging her behavior is when she is allowed to continue inciting nonsense with no consequences for her asinine actions


And to Shirley herself she says:

"Your one step away from having the FBI on your tail, with the type of content your allowing to be posted and the type of things you write about.

I cannot and will not be associated with the "Illegal" and "unlawful" type of activity your advocating for by encouraging and promoting it on your Yahoo Group SOSEN.

It is extremely stupid and you are placing any one in connection with you and SOSEN in danger of being arrested for whatever the government can get you for in regards to inciting people and encouraging illegal activity in violation of both state and federal laws.

The kind of behavior you are promoting and allowing to occur is EXTREMELY dangerous and self-defeating and I shall take NO part in it.

You have no idea (seemingly) of the harm and damage your doing to the very people you think you are helping! Your like a predator who preys on peoples fears causing them to react.


Erika promptly formed the Families in Social Crisis Legal Defense group.

But she also formed a yahoo group called jessicamarielunsfordfoundation

Using this name she wrote propaganda

and wild rants to newspaper articles

She told us about her past

And linked us to her MySpace

And her profession

And her hobbies

Her needs

All of us here at AZ and in the entire Anti community each have our own reasons for being here. Some of us were sexually abused as children or know someone who was. Some of us came to this due to attacks by online pedophile terrorists. But the common thread that binds us is the obligation we feel.

When someone like a Margie Slagle Ohio Attorney and board member of SoClear mocks sexual child abuse via harassing emails, or when a Jan Kruska mocks a child sexual abuse survivor, some of us just shake our heads in disbelief as they watch her downward spiral. Others say "this will never do"

Meet Kamikaze Jan

HT Jacey

Friday, May 4, 2007

Who is the real Lindsay Ashford?

Who is the real Lindsay Ashford?

Is it AP, Amator Puellularum, Bereshith, Zanthalon, Lindsay Ashford? Or is it perhaps David Alway?

David Alway
, attended RCS from first to eleventh grade, and then graduated from Mt. Eden High School in San Francisco in 1986. He changed his name to Lindsay Ashford in 1989, and gave the following reason to his alumni class: "I needed to 'find myself', and that was one of the things I felt I needed to do in order to do so...Actually, the name is Scottish (even though I haven't an ounce of Scottish blood as far as I know, but since I was adopted, I guess I'll never know...)....But as the Bard said, 'What's in a name...?'". He had lived in Prague, Czech Republic, from 1992, where he claimed he was a partner in a small telecommunications consultancy until it was closed due to the failing market. He then left the Czech Republic, leaving in May 2003 for Milan, Italy and at some point returning to America which he refers to as the "Evil Empire" before scurrying south to Central and South America where he heard little girls were easier picking.

David Alway AKA Lindsay Ashford is a pedophile, and an activist for pedophiles. He believes that children as young as 6 months old can consent to sexual activity. Further he believes that children who are exploited by adults don't suffer any ill effects from such a thing. Actually he states that any damage that does occur, only happens because parents, in his words, "go ballistic"

Lindsay likes for all eyes to be upon him. He likes to be the center of attention. He has a website called Sugar and Spice that's just for little girls. Check it out.... his attempts to rip little girls away from their parents, his attempt to destroy any trust they may have in another, his attempt to send them into battle to carry out his own personal pervert war. Read his memorial page 'Taken from our Midst' about little girls missing, raped or murdered by pedophiles. Watch him as he mocks society, and flaunts his perversions damanding that society allow him the space to spread his lies and deceits. The way he twists scientific date to give the appearance that he is 'OK' and every other person in the world besides pedophiles are screwed up. Notice especially how he denies the existence of child pornography!

Who is the real Lindsay Ashford? A man just like other men but with a different opinion? No, no the man we're talking about here...... he's stalking your children and his name is David Alway

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Alice Day

Alice Day Facts

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April 25. Alice Day. A day created by heterosexual pedophiles to celebrate the abuse and exploitation of little girls. So named for Alice Liddell who inspired Lewis Carroll's monumental work Alice In Wonderland in 1862. It was a story Carroll created for Alice while rowing her and her sisters in a rowboat.

The innuendo child molesters drew from this: Carroll had to be a pedophile! Alice must've been the object of his desire! She belongs to us! No man could tell a child a story simply to entertain her, NO that's not possible!

Of course, the fact that Carroll photographed Alice only compounds the pedophile delusions.

What they don't want you to know however is the most important part of the Carroll/Liddell story. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Fact: It is a myth that Alice was Carroll's "favorite" photographic model. There is no evidence of this.
  • Fact: Carroll often entertained women in his rooms at the University....some were married. This was against every social standard and many would be damaged if this information came to light.
  • Fact: Carroll's heirs purposefully promulgated the myth of Carroll as the blundering social misfit who was not comfortable around adults. They could not afford for the truth to come to light so they destroyed the entries in his diary that would've explained Carroll's split with the Liddell family.
  • Fact: In the late 1800's in England, adoration of children did not raise eyebrows. Entertaining married women in private quarters and owning a collection of adult porn when you're a Reverend did.
  • Fact: There is no evidence that Carroll felt anything stronger than friendship for Alice. Repeat: NO evidence that Carroll was a pedophile in general or that he had feelings for Alice specifically.
  • Fact: ALL evidence suggests that Carroll was actually just a normal person and the myth that he was a pedophile is the means the family used to hide the deep, dark family secret.....that Carroll was an adulterer at worst.
  • Fact: Carroll took Alice's older brother Harry out on the same rowboat years before Alice. This was not a romantic encounter but something Carroll had been doing to entertain the Liddell family for years before he ever took Alice.
The family hid his secrets hoping to protect his reputation. Unfortunately they unwittingly played into the hands of an even more sinister gang than British aristocracy - pedophiles.

Indeed if all available evidence is considered in context then this day to celebrate the love of Carroll's would more aptly be named Lorina Day for Alice's mother.

Of course fans and scholars alike have recognized that there is no evidence Carroll was a pedophile. But there's always a *certain* kind of person who will just never get it.

The myth that Carroll was a pedophile is only that - a myth. So much so that it even has a name (The Carroll Myth). Google the phrase, examine the evidence and decide for yourself.

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